New Parish Vision

The Strategy Committee of Blessed John Henry Newman is pleased to announce the publication of the new Parish Vision as follows: 

 Our Parish Vision 

Through God’s grace we are one family in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, inspired by the Word and sustained by the Sacraments. We welcome and value each person as an individual. We encourage one another to use our talents to serve the Lord, in our parish and the wider community, and pass on a living faith as we journey together confident in the promise of God’s Kingdom.


Blessed John Henry Newman Parish


“Heart speaks to Heart”

John Henry Newman



How the Vision was created

As the first stage of the Strategy Group’s work, the Vision aims to describe, in clear and plain language, the essence of the Thriving Catholic community that we want our parish to be. We have used various sources, one of the most important being the writing and ministry of Blessed John Henry Newman. We have also included key themes from Bishop Peter’s “Walking Humbly” strategy, and the Pastoral Area Strategy, copies of which have been circulated in our communities in past months and are still available for reference if needed. We also took into account our experience and understanding of the culture and aspirations of our four church communities.


How YOU can contribute

By coming to the Parish Forum on Friday 13 May at 7pm, in the Upper Room at St Augustine’s. 

At this meeting you will be able to ask questions about the Vision, express your views and voice any concerns that you may have about the parish strategy process. We welcome your input as we start on the next stage of the strategy development. If you can’t come to the meeting, but have questions or comments on our work so far, please speak to a member of the Strategy Group.  


What’s next?  

The group will work on both short and longer-term challenges, aiming to deliver a draft strategic plan by August 2011 for:

  • “one parish, one priest”
  • implementation of the parish Vision


Parish Strategy “Givens”

In addressing how our one parish can be served by one priest by September 2012, and in implementing the Parish Vision, the strategic plan must focus on certain essential elements:


















Strategy Group members:


Fr Innocent Abonyi, Parish Priest 01494 438300
Rosie Akehurst Tel. no. from Fr Innocent
Bish Boniszewski 01494 452923
Jacque Hamilton 01494 449770
Deborah Hunt 01494 713345
Francis McDermott 01494 525449
Chloe McLoughlin 07709 057661
Paul Priestley 01494 452912
Claire Wylot 01494 564580


The Strategy Group is chaired by Steve Gill, with Angela O’Connell as Process Facilitator.


Website References:


Our Parish Website:

Our Parish Strategy Group:

“Walking Humbly With Our God”:

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