Faith & Friendship

The Faith and Friendship Groups, comprising of 6-12 members, meet weekly at the host’s home or in a church. Each group meets at a time/day convenient for the members – some groups meet during the day and some in the evening. The meetings are Christ-centred, encouraging every member to participate, to mature and to minister to each other. They last for approximately 1½ hours and are based around four components:

    Welcome: Refreshments and sharing
— focusing on us.
    Worship: Prayer with music, psalms
— focusing on Jesus.
    Word: Study of scripture
— focusing on God’s word.
    Witness: Practical discipleship
— focusing on our response

A typical Faith and Friendship Group meeting outline

7.30pm Welcome and catch-up with coffee and biscuits/cake (15mins)

7.45pm Notices (5 mins)

7.50pm Opening prayer (5 mins)

7.55pm Worship 3-5 songs using cd player or musician (15-25 mins)

8.15pm Feedback from last meeting (5 mins)

8.20pm Read next Sunday’s mass readings (10 mins)

8.30pm Small group sharing around these (20 mins)

8.50pm Small group intercession/ministry if wanted (5 mins)

8.55pm Closing prayer (5 mins)

9pm Formal end


If you would like to join a group, please go to the <Contact Us> page and send Francis and Dominic a message.


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