Day of Renewal

Photo of youth

The youth Faith and Friendship Prayer Group hosted the Source Community’s Day of Renewal at Our Lady of Grace, High Wycombe. They invited friends from the Arc Renewal Community to join them for a fun-filled day of reunions, praise & worship, Mass with the local church community and a Saints and Sinners themed pizza party in the evening.

Kevin Ryan and young people

Faith and Friendship seminarians Kevin & Ryan joined with deacons Paul & Brin to assist Fr Joe in the shared Mass with the local community accompanied by lively worship music from the Source Community and friends.

Rare species No. 1 - young people in church

The El Shaddai Community joined the Source Community and the Arc Community for the Day of Renewal. The recipe for the splendid noodles was much in demand and shared recipes were passed around their admirers.

El Shaddai

Families and friends, reunited from Summer camp, happy to see each other again.

rare species No. 2

Saints & Sinners partied late into the night at Our Lady of Grace, accompanied by the sound of fireworks outside.

Mart & Mand

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