Ian - First Flight

Ian – First Flight

Fran - Landing

Fran airborne

The Band of Brothers spread their wings and spent a most thrilling weekend paragliding at the Devil’s Dyke on the South Downs with Nigel, our expert Air adventure instructor.

Six of us signed up for the weekend. Friday afternoon we got the news we were waiting for – the weather was perfect – the weekend was on.

We travelled down together to camp at Housedean Farm near Brighton, arriving just in time for an evening meal at the Swan pub.

The campsite provided us with wood & kindling for our fire and we passed a splendid evening recalling old folksongs sitting around the fire with our pints under the stars. An excellent start to our first weekend paragliding.

The Brothers

The Brothers

Dom - Big wing

Dom spreading his wings

On Saturday morning – the theory, weather, wind, risk assessments and introduction to our gliders. By lunchtime, we had checked our gear and we ready to take to the air.

The South Downs

The South Downs

Coming down...

The hill

On the hill

Up, up and away…

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